5 must visit IoT conferences in 2019

Scientists from Stanford claim that body language helps us learn quickly. A regular practice of reading nonverbal cues can strengthen our creative skills. Where can modern people tightly linked to small flat screens of their gadgets practice reading a live body language? Obviously, neither in lurking through Facebook and Twitter nor via online chats we can grasp a lot of useful information usually hidden “between the lines”. Mass public events such as conferences, meetups, and summits offer us numerous opportunities to intensively refresh our communication skills while a lot of specific use cases and unique experiences can be shared by those who achieved a lot in the domains we are interested in.

Why IoT conferences are special

Despite a booming development of the Internet of Things observed in many sectors in recent years, the very phenomenon of the internet-based connectivity of devices remains still immature having many sporadic and unsettled features - the current unreasonable diversity in wireless standards alone looks oftentimes like a mess. That’s probably why the IoT-dedicated conferences are gaining popularity among both potential customers and IoT professionals. The customers from various sectors can overcome their hesitation when many successful IoT deployments can be seen by their own eyes. The IoT companies get a perfect chance to promote their solutions through persuasive presentations. Seems a win-win, right?

But what makes IoT events special, different from the conferences in the other sectors?

Take a car show in Frankfurt, an electronics exhibition in Palo Alto, or any other event focused on some specific sector of the contemporary economy. Which unifying factor combines all of them invisibly today? Interconnectivity inherent in a wide array of modern equipment beginning from home appliances and up to space crafts is what makes IoT a common feature for all conferences and exhibitions whatever sector they belong to.

Body language of IR 4.0

The IoT is available to varying degrees at every event dedicated to technology nowadays. In some cases, a portion of IoT solutions is still insignificant and non-essential (in agriculture, for example). In the other cases, the IoT-based implementations play a key role in how the entire sector evolves (autonomous vehicles). But in any case, IoT is as important for understanding of technological development as body language is for a live dialogue. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 makes sense only with regard to a total connectivity provided by the IoT. Hence, the developers and manufacturers from such domains as smart cars, smart factories, smart, homes, smart cities, smart whatever else all benefit a lot from the specialized IoT events where the “pure concentrate” of IR 4.0 is emphasized.

Below we represent 5 IoT events worth visiting in 2019 with no regard to which particular sector you belong.

IoT Tech Expo Global 2019

When: April 25-26, 2019
Where: London, UK

IoT Tech Expo

The conference deserves to be the most comprehensive “all-in-one” IoT event in the world. A list of speakers of numerous available meetups confirms such a claim to a global leadership in the IoT sector implicitly. Several dozens quite famous personalities reflect almost all contemporary industrial domains where IoT is becoming an integral part. The following few illustrative examples reveal both the leading organizations that have something to share about IoT and the domains they represent:

  • KLM (aviation);
  • Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce (cars);
  • UPS (logistics);
  • University of Oxford (science/education);
  • Schneider Electric (power components);
  • European Commission (urbanization);
  • Lloyds Banking Group (banking);
  • Shell (oil & gas);
  • Caterpillar (heavy machinery);
  • Marks & Spencer (retail);
  • Rockwell Automation (electronics).

As we see, the conference is going to offer an ample experience in IoT implementations from very diverse and sometimes unexpected sectors and domains (try to indicate off the top of your head an IoT application for banking, for example). But what impresses most is the coverage of the IoT-related topics available in the conference’s agenda: the IoT programming is complemented with blockchain, cyber security, and artificial intelligence in addition to business outcomes of the IIoT, fintech regulation, and investor relationships. Even If the promise of IoT Tech Expo Global 2019 is too abundant to allow visitors to visit all booths and seminars, everyone can select some particular subjects of interest to attend. In any case, visiting the conference is strongly recommended.

TECHSPO Toronto 2019

When: May 16-17, 2019
Where: Toronto, Canada


In contrast to the previous event, the expo does not positioned itself as just an IoT-dedicated exhibition. And this is for a reason since the expo’s host authorities assume that all potential visitors grasp the significance of the IoT in a contemporary techno era by default. The highest caliber investors, digital evangelists and innovators, technology providers and designers, developers, marketers, and journalists as well as customers who are looking for the next generation technologies will gather in Toronto to communicate and interact through seminars on such topics as SaaS, Internet, Mobile and what constitute a composite term of DigiAdMarTech (the DigiMarTech Conference is an integral part of the expo).

The one who knows even a little something about the above-mentioned domains will unlikely argue that all of them relate to the internet of things one way or another. The digital revolution has already happened and now it would be legitimate to talk about an intense digital evolution of physical objects everywhere around. Digitally empowered physical objects? This is nothing but a clear definition of the IoT! Visit Toronto in May and realize how blurred is the line between IoT and the rest modern techs.

Blockchain Expo Euro 2019

When: June 19-20, 2019
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Blockchain Expo

What does the blockchain conference have to do with the IoT? Don’t we confuse two different sectors? Won’t IoT specs feel alienated at the event? Such questions seems worth asking only if we overlook a tight link between the IoT and blockchain that occurred in the last few years. These two technologies have almost fused in some sectors (cargo tracking applications in logistics, for example). The recent news from JP Morgan about issuing its own stable crypto coin can draw a heavy bottom line under numerous financial crypto bubbles.

It means that such corporate blockchain solutions as Hyperledger from IBM and Azure Blockchain Workbench from Microsoft along with numerous  smaller ones will be widely accepted by the IoT developers for reinforcing their systems with immutability of decentralized ledgers.
However, even the present state of affairs in the IoT realm allows to define both IoT and blockchain as two sides of the same coin. Hence, Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 is the event that resonates well with what many IoT developers are looking for.

ASCM 2019

When: September 16-17, 2019
Where: Las Vegas, the USA


When IoT developers hear a “supply chain” expression, their eyes start lighting up in anticipation of big deals. Why? Because the supply chain management transformation is one of the burning topics for the entire IoT industry. And the ASCM foundation has been remaining one of the world leaders in this domain for 60 years. Plan, source, make, deliver, return, and enable constitute a set of the core aspects in arranging efficient end-to-end supply chains. “This is all about education” as indicated on a website of the ASCM conference.

The enhanced knowledge on how modern supply chains should work is what ASCM Expo offers through 65+ specialized learning sessions. They provide an immersive learning environment to make the visitors push their organizations forward. This is the era of a knowledge economy, right? Knowledge comes from information that comes from data that comes from sensors when it comes to the IoT in supply chains. In order to achieve a deeper understanding of how IoT can advance supply chains, visiting Las Vegas in September is highly recommended for every IoT developer.

IoT Solutions World

When: October 29-31, 2019
Where: Barcelona, Spain

IoT Solutions world

Another exhibition which claims to be “number one” in the IoT industry. Taking into account a number of the present speakers alone (400+), such a claim seems legitimate. In addition to the immense amount of the IoT discourse bouncing around the speakers, a lot of tangible outcomes of the IoT industry will be available at the exhibition area (32 000 m2). This great trade show is trying to combine the physical world with digital phenomena via a strong ecosystem of partners, exhibitors, and visitors of the event. It is illustrative that the exhibition is held in Barcelona - the city which is widely recognized as the leading smart city in Europe. The event covers both integral parts of the IoT sector being an industrial IoT conference and a household IoT applications show at the same time. The very scale of IOTSWC 2019 makes it one of the most significant events among top IoT conferences. Visiting the event (not to mention participation) is definitely recommend.

Benchmarks on the way

Every Internet of Things exhibition impacts the direction where the IoT sector moves in. Both exhibitors and visitors constitute the IoT community which determines ongoing trends in the entire technology. Since IoT infiltrates almost all contemporary industries, the industrial Internet of Things conferences have an implicit but significant effect on how a physical world interacts with a digital environment. Is it reasonable to leave things in the IoT sector as they go being just a passive observer? Or maybe it’s time to become a proactive influencer in it? Start from visiting IoT conferences and change the world for better - progress is worth your efforts.

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