5 IoT Startups to Watch in 2019

Being a startup is always gain through pain and all about overcoming a lot of obstacles. How are things going with this in 2019? We interviewed 5 of the most innovative and inspiring IoT startups to watch this year. Let’s dig into it, and see how they did it!

1. Smartex


Imagine yourself being a 17 years old, who decides to work in a textile factory during the summer vacations. Your task is to inspect fabrics after the production line, trying to manually find small (and almost invisible) defects in textile fabrics. The main concern of your employer is to reduce the production of defective material, because it leads to the loss of clients. If a defect is not spotted, an entire defective roll may be produced, which is turn is complete garbage. What do you do in such case? If you are CEO of Smartex, then you think of the way to automate this work. Years later, you assemble a team that shares your vision and together you create a startup.

Every year textile industry loses 33B$ because of defective fabric production. The way the industry currently tackles is almost 100% relying on intensive human labor. Workers, standing 12 hours per day trying to spot submillimeter defects in textiles. They get tired really easily, therefore fail a lot. There's barely any automation of this process. Smartex is here to change that.

The sensors use image acquisition, signal processing, and machine learning. The system learns complex textile patterns and detects all defects and irregularities in real-time (even those that humans can barely see!). The technology is connected to the machine, stopping it if a fault is detected reducing defective textile waste to 0%. Smartex's device stores data in the Cloud, providing an overview of the production plant through web and mobile app. Anytime, anywhere.


Nowadays, textile companies use inspection machines to inspect the quality of the produced fabrics. These machines require human resources, new machinery, energy and time. With Smartex device, manufacturers could avoid the entire inspection process for a much lower price.

Smartex team believes solving a problem that fits exactly the needs of the clients to be their greatest achievement in development. They have reached several clients in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America and gathered a lot of information on what the industry requires.

What about the biggest failure? Smartex team thinks it is losing focus on the main product idea. As a beginner entrepreneur, you’re trying to change the world in every possible way. It is very important to establish priorities and constraints your efforts in what you define as your first goals.

2. Bitsensing


Ever heard about the problem with Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Sensors? Two words: weather conditions. Bitsensing is here to solve this problem and make your autonomous car be as efficient as never before.

To make smart cars operate safely on the road, sensors must fit 3 requirements:

  • high resolution
  • range detection
  • stability in the severe weather conditions

Do any of contemporary sensors meet those needs? Unfortunately, no. The most popular sensor solution today — LiDAR —  shows stable results in favorable weather conditions. But, nonetheless, it cannot provide good service when it rains, or it is foggy. There is where Bitsensing enters the game.

BitsensingBitsensing team are RADAR experts, whose solution is to innovate its technology by improving the resolution to replace expensive LiDAR sensor. Developing 4D Imaging RADAR is going to take some time. Therefore, Bitsensing plans to adopt their RADAR technology in other parts of the road: traffic system and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). The application of RADAR in these areas will lead to building foundation for smart city as the installation of traffic RADAR and aftermarket RADAR will be utilized for the collection of traffic-data. The integrated data will be blended to form useful information for all the drivers – both human and robots - on the road, allowing self-driving cars to become more reliable and safer.

Bitsensing focus on delivering better safety on the road, where human error is estimated for 94% of the total road accidents. Bitsensing believe that Autonomous Vehicle is the key solution to reduce this number. 

3. Speak To IoT


“Connecting Everything through Voice” became the mission statement for Speak to IoT since the very first idea - creating a speech-controlled drone. What could be more suitable for a modern person, surrounded by smart devices?

Speak to IoT leverages voice as the future of human-machine interaction (HMI). Voice being a natural, intuitive, and efficient medium, the technology helps users in a variety of situations. For example:

  • In hospitals or semiconductor fab environments, the use of voice instead of touch (buttons, screens, etc.) helps reduce infection or contamination possibilities
  • In industrial or automotive domains, the hands-free nature of voice provides additional command & control channel
  • For enterprises, the use of voice as a natural, intuitive system avoids complicated UI dashboards or associated training
  • For consumer appliances, voice is gaining popularity as the interface of convenience

Speak IoT problemSpeak IoT solution

In short, voice is becoming the universal medium for managing smart IoT devices across a number of different verticals.

Speak to IoT is sure that their biggest achievement is that the software platform can provide voice command and control to customers' IoT devices or systems through Alexa, Google, or Native voice assistants in no time, unlocking accelerated time-to-market opportunities at a fraction of a cost and superior end-consumer experience.

4. Viezo


Viezo started from the idea to produce the 'batteries', to collect the power from a rainfall. But after some tests they found another source of power for their product to gain — vibrations.

Viezo saves up the energy from the vibrations to power up the IoT sensors that many industries use. Construction sites, infrastructure (rail, road), logistics (any asset on the road, rails, water or even mid-air), industrial (trucks, machines, engines). You can imply Viezo to everything that produces vibrations , just name it!


Viezo prolongs the lifetime of the sensor 3-5 times and doesn't require any maintenance. This way it saves the customer approximately 70% of the costs which would have to be invested in maintenance throughout the years.

Here is a free advice for all the young startups from Viezo team: apply 'the lean startup' from the very beginning. Viezo team lost a lot of time, energy and money trying to develop the technology from scratch, when instead we could have bought some parts and test them.

5. Cycle 


You wake up with the certainty that when you turn on the lights or connect your cell phone to the plug, you will have energy. It seems very basic for if you live in a place where energy is guaranteed. But is not like that for more than one billion people around the world.

Cycle integrates cutting-edge technology that allows homeowners to generate surplus of clean energy and share it within the community in exchange for money-tokens. It gives customers a sustainable way to have access to energy, allowing them to have energy surpluses to commercialise between the neighbors. This way you can even start up a business or industrial activity! In grand-scale, it generates new sources of income and stimulate development which can be translated into a better quality of life, education, and health.

Also, the person will have access to information about the energy consumption and generation of energy behaviour. The householder will also have relevant tips and recommendations to improve the energy efficiency to stimulate energy surpluses that could be sold to her neighbours, or in other cases, to reduce consumption and save money. The person can be inside or outside the home with the peace of mind that has an energy system that helps her maximize her income and/or reduce her costs and also ensures that she always has energy when she needs it.

Cycle team are sure that their biggest achievement is terms of development was to be able to interconnect three technology domains that are each an industry in itself: IoT, AI, and Blockchain. But there is no gain without pain, right? The biggest failure of the project was to ‘isolate’ the team inside the office without getting in contact with the real potential customers. So, if you are thinking of creating an energy-saving startup, do not underestimate this point!


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