5 European tech events worth traveling for this autumn

How often do you learn something new and enhance your professional experience? If your answer is “Very often,” then you probably love participation in different events. If your answer is “Rarely,” it’s high time for you to start doing it. Get ready to pack your bags and attend top 5 European tech events this autumn.

Attending different tech events like conferences and summits is a priceless experience. Here, you can share your own experience, borrow from the word-class IT-professionals and network with industry influencers. The great idea is to attend the best events of the coming season.

1. DMexco




Start your journey from Germany. The tech conference DMexco will start as soon as September 14 in Cologne, Germany. This digital marketing event has been known as a leading conference for a long time. Every year DMexco houses more than 500 of the word-class speakers and above 30,000 attendees.

This year, the emphasis will be on digitization. So, you will learn more about innovations and the best business models in the global digital businesses. Among the most honorable speakers are Paul Bulcke, Jack Dorsey, Dana Anderson and Shane Smith.

For especially demanding attendees this year’s program includes several expo specials. At the Agency Lounge, you will find the most significant media agency networks. Then, at Start-up Village you will get familiar with selected startups and make more business contacts. Also, the program entails the girls lounge to allow women contribute to the conference too. Believe us, this event is worth your time and attention.


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2. Next Network


Next Network


Prepare to stay a little more in Germany due to the upcoming tech event, Next Network. It will take place on September 22 in Hamburg, Germany. This conference houses nearly 1,300 attendees annually. This year, the focus is on the digitalization but with a shift to the human dimension of it. After all, digital products are made by people for people.

Thus, be ready to hear about psychology of successful products, their key features and attractive interface. You are also to hear about the modern trends in the IT industry. First day will cover emerging trends of 2017 around the world while the second day will shed more light to platform trends in Asia.

You should definitely attend this event not only for priceless speeches, but also for a great time. This year’s conference cooperates with Reeperbahn Festival. You can’t miss the chance to practice tech networking at more than 500 concerts, events and related activities.  

3. South Summit

south summit


One more European tech event worth your attention is South Summit. This event will take place in Madrid, Spain on October 5-7, 2016. This leading startup conference houses above 7,000 attendees including entrepreneurs and investors. This is the best choice for you if you seek for networking in IT-industry. If you have your own startup it’s time to gain more prominence at this conference.  

If you are a proud representative of any startup you can apply for Startup competition. South Summit team promises a number of tempting advantages such as access to top-tier international investors, media and leading corporations, 3 free tickets for The South Summit, access to first hand information about the investors and corporates attending the event.  

Also here you will get an opportunity to learn more about the power of big data in different industries. You may hear of a new business model that will fit perfectly for your endeavor. Innovation stage and startup school will also wait for you at the conference. Don’t waste a chance to learn from professionals.


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4. EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference


EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference


Another top tech event for you to attend is EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference. This event will take place on October 31 in Stockholm, Sweden. The program of this conference includes both full-day tutorials and half-day tutorials.  Besides, you can benefit from a number of conference track sessions, practical workshops and technical sessions.

The conference speeches are dedicated to testing in all dimensions, social cultural and psychological. But don’t worry, you will not only discuss testing day and night. There will be social events “for testers who just can’t stop testing.” These include Conference Awards Night, Community Dinner and Test Lab Party.

EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference boasts of being Europe’s #1 software testing event. Here, you can either meet a prize winner or become one. The EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award is granted to those who demonstrate outstanding achievement in software testing. Therefore, recognition attained at this conference is worth a lot.

5. Web Summit


Web Summit


The last conference to close the list of the top tech events is Web Summit. You can attend this event on November 7 in Lisbon, Portugal. This conference is indeed one of the biggest events as it houses more than 42,000 attendees this year. European largest companies will be present at this conference, so cannot ignore it. Among the most impressive names are Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

The great thing about this conference is that the program is divided into groups like Code, Content, Data, and Design. So, you are free to visit only those summits you are most interested in. It really makes life easier.

Also, this conference is the great opportunity for startups. Each week they select early-stage startups from around the world to exhibit on beneficial terms. Become a part of the global tech community and you won’t regret it.

To conclude, there are many places in Europe you can go this autumn to become even better. Now, when you’ve got familiar with the most relevant tech events, the choice is up to you. If you can’t make it for some reasons, look for the virtual streaming options these conferences offer. Good luck!

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