Jak works by delivering within the city in less than an hour. You can both send or receive anything you might think of; whether it is shipments, parcels, food delivery, orders, or even a book you might have forgotten back home.. Jak brings it to you. We work around the clock, with experienced drivers and exceptional customer happiness service 24/7. We think Jak will be a simple solution for daily needs, that would be used by everyone. Whether your a student trying to save money, or a businessman tight on time.. Jak will provide what you need with great service for a low price.


The project implies developing a system that provides shipment of small deliveries within a certain location such as a city. The uber-like model of a sharing service has been adopted to create the solution. The users of the application should be able to find and hire the executors who are capable of providing a shipment service with their own cars while they have time to spend for earning some extra income.


The idea of the Uber taxi service has been used as a basis for the application. At first glance, everything seems simple in general when a client orders a shipment and an executor provides it. In fact, three different apps within a single project have to be developed. Two client-side applications for iOS and Android along with a separate Android application for drivers have been created. As a result, the client has entered the market of Saudi Arabia with a ready-to-use complex solution of the product.  


  • Login & Registration

The login/registration is proceeded as simple as in the other similar mobile applications. It is clearly predictable that the drivers have to add some additional personal data to their profiles such as the information about their driving licenses, cars, registration plates, as well as their photos.  

  • Delivery Order

In order to request a delivery, a client should specify the desired execution time, the package dimensions and weight, and the delivery destinations.   

  • Automatic calculation of shipment cost

Basing on a particular distance as well as on the package data, the system calculates the shipment cost automatically

  • Tracking of drivers

It is possible to track the location of the driver who is delivering your parcel in a real-time mode

  • Shipment history

The entire history of all your shipments in detail can be reviewed anytime you need.


  • Payment

Your credit card can be connected to the system for making automatic payments. The data of your card will be thoroughly encrypted.

  • Contact

The communication within the system is executed through various means such as LiveChat/Facebook/Email


Indeema iReDS uses triaxial accelerometers (IDAx-132) to collect structured data about the condition of rotating mechanisms. Our digital sensors interact with Atmega32U4 microcontrollers that allows us making the sensors programmable. We can cofigure sensors to hold the configuration directly on them.


Each system can include up to 8 accelerometers. The box is designed on the basis of ARMy7 processor that allows to sort preliminary and analyze the data.


Indeema iReDS Main Server receives information from all rotating mechanisms through HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and saves this data in a DataBase*.

  • Forestall breakdowns early to avoid downtimes;
  • Figure out the location of each malfunction;
  • Plan and organize the work of services teams more efficiently;
  • Create a map of rotating mechanisms;
  • Analyze common patterns of the cycles and trends reflected by the customer’s mechanisms.
  • Normal operating equipment
  • Level of vibration
  • Allowance of continued mechanisms operation
  • Dangerous vibration level, which can lead to failure of mechanisms/
Project overview

Technologies for iOS

  • Language: Objective-C
  • Data Storage: Core Data, NSUserDefaults
  • Communication with DataBase: MagicalRecord
  • Network request: Afnetworking

Technologies for Android

  • Language: Java
  • Data Storage: RealmDB
  • Communication with DataBase: RealmDB +Custom RX Wrapper
  • Network request: Retrofit
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Type: delivery & logistic
  • Project Status: released
  • Type of Service: development

We run multiple startups and Indeema has been our on stop shop for all mobile app development works. We are a client for more than 2 years now and we have always received quality work. We would easily recommend Indeema to anyone and we would continue working together.

Zaid Azmi, United Arab Emirates

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