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IoT & IIoT

Internet of Things saves you time and money on interacting with a great number of devices that you use. We implement solutions that monitor data, automate the routine procedures, and predict how to optimize resources. Focus on what matters, embed IoT in the rest.


Outlining Value Delivering Using IoT

The Internet of Things uncovers a whole new level of simplifying routines and speeding up businesses. Gain more control while reducing human-related errors. Collect all the relevant info and adopt proactive strategies using IoT.

Turn Wants

Turn Wants

At its core, each project must meet and satisfy wishes. ‘I wish it would be’ simpler, faster, cheaper, easier, etc. That’s our purpose. We think through the means necessary to address the wish and transform them into requirements.

Into Tasks

For example, car rent business meets a lot of maintenance challenges. IoT solution can simplify and better coordinate the process: install or integrate microcontrollers in cars, process the data via web app, predict when cars are due for servicing.



Market now features lots of IoT hardware solutions and technologies, and it’s essential to find the best-fitting in terms of results and cost-effectiveness. That’s what our IoT team does to estimate time and budget needed.

Select the Means

To monitor and analyze vibration, for example, we’d need very durable digital sensors. We also need to design accurate monitoring, visualizing, and processing of the received signals and analytics using Qt C/C++ and JS/Python.



We select a number of hardware, model the real-life conditions and try them out. When using machine learning and AI for prediction, on this stage we implement self-learning algorithms. The UI/UX design and app development also start on this stage.


A lot of hardware, such as monitoring devices, already comes with IoT modules and firmware. Alternatively, we create custom ones. Then we design connectivity protocol and implement it on Cloud IoT Core, AWS IoT, Predix, IBM Watson platform at the edge.

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To ensure specific needs are addressed, real-life testing begins. Accessibility, storage and connection security, infrastructure, usability, reliability, predictive analytics, and more — we fine-tune the solution so it helps automate the business.


For medical industry, this means that data has to be real-time tracked and extremely precise, available on-the-go via mobile app or tablet to ensure fast response and security encrypted to comply with HIPAA.

Roll Out

Roll Out

When the complete solution is up and running, the business benefits. Our customers often discover new ways to gain insights and optimize processes using IoT solutions. Nowadays, more connected network gives businesses competitive edge.

Stay Tuned

We and some our customers discovered that clients use products outside of the application intended scope. This led to developing new functionality to deliver data-driven solutions for various industry domains.

IoT Solutions for Industries

IoT and, especially, IIoT encompasses the path from connection of objects and to serving immediate goals and predicting future challenges and opportunities. Optimizing routine processes while reducing errors, it unleashes whole new level of near real-time decisions with analytics, automation, and machine learning.

Predictive maintenance, data analytics, manufacturing floor and supply chain monitoring, diverse data integration and securing, etc.
Smart logistics & warehousing, automated irrigation & greenhouses, crops and livestock remote monitoring, and so on.
Smart energy grids and ecosystem, integration with energy production equipment such as solar panels, upgraded quality and security, and more.
Smart Home/City
Efficiency in delivering and consuming energy and water, improved public transportation, traffic management, sanitation, and many more.
Patient, hospital and medication management, electronic health records, pharmaceutical analytics, cold chain monitoring, etc.
Transportation & Logistics
Vehicle health maintenance, smart traffic management, parking, bicycle, and pedestrian monitoring, improving fleet logistics, etc.
Proactive equipment maintenance, real-time analysis, automated/remote control, early issues determining to reduce downtime, and more.
Sensor-equipped clothing for industry, augmented reality glasses, activity trackers, vital signs monitoring and instant alerts, and so on.

Predictive maintenance of rotary machinery equipment

The iReDS is a part of our ViDiSy (Vibration Diagnostics Systems) end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things solution for complex monitoring and analyzing the rotating mechanisms. The system remotely monitors machinery to prevent downtime and determine cause and location of the faults. Gearing industry with actionable data, it is simple, easy to install, configure, and use hardware-software tool.

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