Our blockchain expertise

Nothing would be more appropriate for virtual assets than Blockchain. Possessing a deep expertise in the largest Blockchain platforms we offer a radically new vision of the advanced financial systems.
  • Smart ContractsSmart Contracts Offering the unprecedented security level to transactions smart contracts require accuracy, clear code and a deep understanding how blockchain works while being deployed.
  • HyperledgerHyperledgerPrivate blockchains built with Hyperledger cover finance, commerce, healthcare as well as any other business activity.
  • Wallet DevelopmentWallet DevelopmentMulti-signature cryptocurrency wallets can guarantee the highest security level to users only in case the true professionals have a hand in the wallet creation.
  • ICOICOThe clear and irresistible for investors fundraising procedure through ICO is possible when a holistic vision of your crypto project is supported by the true blockchain specs.
  • Cryptoсurrency exchangeCryptoсurrency exchangeMulti-directional exchange of both fiat and crypto currencies can be conducted with a high level of automation.
  • Blockchain developmentBlockchain developmentCryptographically protected solutions can be created to provide the transparency and immutability of any data.
  • Ethereum ApplicationsEthereum ApplicationsAs the most popular decentralized platform for blockchain-based projects Ethereum allows to create smart contracts running through various applications.
  • Blockchain in IoTBlockchain in IoTA combination of two disruptive technologies blockchain and the IoT can make your solution unbeatable in the market.

Blockchain Solutions for business

The unprecedented technological capabilities of blockchain make this technology too promising to be ignored when the next evolutionary stage of the internet is emerging. The future business affairs won’t do without the decentralized solutions where blockchain offers quite explicit advantages


The very nature of smart contracts eliminates intermediaries from peer-to-peer interactions making the processing fees cheaper by an order of magnitude. Blockchain significantly accelerates transactions reducing errors at the same time.


All nodes have an equal full access to every transaction happening in a blockchain. No format conflicts take place in a distributed ledger providing every user with reports in a real time.


Since every user of a blockchain authorizes all transactions personally the entire modus operandi of a distributed ledger is trustless. Any fraud or misunderstanding is excluded from p2p transactions at a programming level.


The bigger number of users participate in a blockchain the stronger network effect appears. The distributed architecture makes blockchain-based applications much more resilient against hacking and malfunctioning.


Any piece of data cannot be retrospectively changed in a blockchain. Just this capability makes blockchain one of the most secure technologies when it comes to the data immutability. Every user can see the whole history of all transactions in a blockchain. The consensus procedure enabled by the very code of blockchain provides an unmistakable verification of each block.

Realtime tracking

The error-free tracking of everything happening in a blockchain is conducted in a real time mode. The cryptographically protected blocks are added to a blockchain one by one. Every action is absolutely transparent since the decentralized nature of blockchain eliminates any forgery.

Our technology stack

The following platforms and technologies provide our clients with an ability to start monetizing their custom blockchain solutions with no regard to their level of complexity.
  • Solidity
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Ethereum
  • C++
  • Qt

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