How mobile apps can help grow car washing business

There’s not much thinking when it comes to car washing. From the customer’s point of view, the only thing you know is that when your car gets dirty you need to wash it, and the closest place to get that done is probably the nearest place you go.

Sure, if your clients drive by your local car wash on a sunny Saturday morning, they’ll see cars waiting in line for a wash. But if they drive by that same car wash on a rainy Thursday afternoon, and they’ll be lucky if they see one or two cars waiting.

Yet, imagine you created a place where your clients could get their cars washed by saving their time, being in a pleasant atmosphere and having a good discount. Overall, if they feel you value their time, they will be pleased to provide you with extra profits.  The mobile application can keep your clients in course of your most useful perks.

Here are the main ideas for mobile apps that will help you get more profit:

Another idea is to create a system of bonus accumulation. The client will know that if he accumulates 1000 bonus in your car wash, he may, for example, use it to pay for one of his services next time. And the most accessible method of making the program widely known is developing an app for your car washing business.

You may have thought that providing free coffee for those who wait while their car is being washed is a great idea. The application will help you to tell everyone that they may get a cup of nice, hot coffee on a comfortable sofa. Create a perfect time for a 15-minute relax.

  1. Create an online schedule for your car washing. I think no one likes spending their valuable time in queues. This way mobile application service will help your clients understand that you value their time and will do everything in the most convenient way for them.
  2. Get a loyalty program. Choose the most popular service among those provided in your car washing and create an application that will give clients the opportunity to have it for 5 times and get the 6th one for free. Who doesn’t like presents?
  3. Develop a push notification for news in your car wash. Say at certain hours during the day there are no cars to wash. To keep it busy make some kind of ‘happy hours’ with a discount at that certain time. People will find time to get a cheaper service, that’s for sure.
  4. Sixty-two percent of car owners believe car appearance is essential. Your mobile application can also serve as a reminder to the car owner that each certain time he needs to keep the car shine and glossy, take care of his investment.
  5. Connect different types of business to become the most successful on the market. If you own a car wash and your best friend or classmate runs candy selling in your area. You both can simply combine your features. For instance, a client buys a large number of candies and gets a discount on his mobile application for car washing or visa versa. Consider the issue and ask professional developers how to make an app for business.

Most of the customers expect convenience from the car washing business. They want work to be done quickly, correctly and at a reasonable price. Most of all, though, a lot of clients want superior customer service, convenient drop-off and pickup services, and a nice place to wait if they come to your facility.

Car wash facilities service approximately 8 million vehicles a day. While we may see some dramatic design changes in cars over the coming years - it may soon be a case that we ‘charge’ our cars at home.

On the opposite -  the business of car wash owner doesn’t seem at risk. No matter what happens, it is likely that as long as there are cars, there will always be a need for car washes. So why not make it one of the best in your area or even country. You can do it by using the simplest way - Mobile Application. Professionally designed app for car washing business can set you apart from the rest painting your up-to-date approach in a very flattering light.

Short summary: If you feel that you can improve your car wash business, a mobile application can help you with that. Uncover all the possibilities of today's technologies.

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